Smudge Bowls

Smudge Bowls

SKU: ONC10012

Stone polished, glazed and smoke fired bowls trimmed with sweetgrass. Available colors; red, light blue, maroon, purple, orange, yellow, dark green, caramel, mulberry, french green
Size: 1.5" x 3.5"

  • Oakleaves Native Creations

    Unique native inspired art, specializing in pottery and beadwork by Nancy Oakley. Each pot is stone polished with a river stone until it gets a natural shine. It is then smoked in a traditional firing using fir tips, seaweed and/or sawdust. When the clay gets warm enough, it absorbs the smoke giving a unique smokey design to each piece. The piece is then trimmed with sweetgrass, a native American plant used for purification and prayer. Dampening the sweetgrass renews the sweet aroma. 

    Sizes stated are an estimate and may vary.